Friday, October 1, 2010

quirky two shoes

The sweet thing about the internet is that there are plenty of people on it who are weirder than me.
People are always telling me I'm weird. Or quirky. Quirky's nicer than weird.

Here's how I stack up:
Sometimes I find it most comfortable to sleep mummy style. I lay super straight and cross my hands over my chest. I tuck pillows around my neck and bring the edges of the blanket up to my ears. Sofa King (Tut) comfortable!

My fave go-to dinner when I'm too hungrumpy to make anything proper is lettuce, carrots and tomato with a blob of cottage cheese on top, with some thai chili flavored tuna on top of that and then some brown rice on top of that. Sounds like disgusting diet food, but I think it's delish!

Loud music playing while people are talking makes me anxious. Music that I find unappealing does the same thing. I'm shite at tolerating music I don't enjoy. I'd equate listening to Muse with someone kicking me in the shin. I keep trying to branch out, but it's just not something I can fake. This reduces my music pool to mainly lyric-less electronica. At the gym, I'll usually get a little crazy and bust out some not too trancey trance. Oooooooo.

See. I'm weird, but it's not like I'm sitting on stranger's laps on the subway or anything.

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  1. I hate Muse too, and who are those people sitting in stranger's laps? They're beyond quirky - they're just fucking weird.

    I'm happy this is here. :)